All about HDFC Business Money Back Credit Card

HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card 


All about HDFC Business Money Back Credit Card

One of the biggest financial giants in India is HDFC Bank which offers numerous credit cards belonging to different categories to benefit their users. HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card is one such corporate card that is designed to enable small business enterprises and employed professionals to get exclusive deals like the no-cost EMI option, fuel surcharge waiver, dining, and cashback offers. According to HDFC Bank’s website, this card is a super saver business card that provides users with unique opportunities to generate savings. Candidates must have an excellent credit score of 770 and above to apply for this card, and their annual income tax return should be more than INR 6,00,000.

What is HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card?

The HDFC Business Money-Back Credit Card provides many business-centric advantages through rewards and cashback offers on business transactions. HDFC Bank provides this business card with a nominal annual fee. Users can use this card for making any business transaction, where they can receive cash back and reward points on every transaction. HDFC Business Money-Back Credit card annual charges account for Rs.500. Users can get great reward points, for instance, two reward points for every Rs.150 spent on other business and personal needs and four reward points for every Rs.150 spent on online spending. These rewards are based on user spending, which means the more you spend money online or another spending with the help of this business card, the more will be your reward points.

What Are The Benefits Of Using HDFC Business Moneyback Credit Cards?

All about HDFC Business Money Back Credit Card

Over recent years, HDFC is mainly concentrating on expanding its portfolio of credit cards for business owners. The features of HDFC Business Moneyback Credit cards are similar to any retail card with little changes. Only business enterprises and self-employed professionals are eligible to own this card. With numerous business-centric benefits HDFC Business Moneyback Credit Card is indeed an absolute delight for every person. The following are the HDFC business money-back credit card benefits that you can reap through this card:

Get Rewards On All Business And Personal Spends

HDFC Business Moneyback Credit is a super saver card that enables users to get four reward points for spending Rs.150 online and two rewards for spending Rs.150 on other expenses besides fuel.

Cash Back Benefits

Users can earn at least 5% cash back benefits on business plans related to hotel and railway ticket booking, dining, tax-related expenditures, utility bill payment, and cab booking.

No Liability On Lost Card

All about HDFC Business Money Back Credit Card

If your HDFC business credit card is lost or stolen, then you can report to 24× 7 HDFC credit card customer care immediately. In these cases, you will have no liability for fraudulent transactions made on your business card.

HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card Fuel Surcharge 

For every fuel transaction that is performed at Indian fuel stations, users can avail of 1% fuel surcharge waiver. This waiver feature is valid on credit card transactions over Rs.400. The maximum limit of the surcharge waiver is Rs.250 for every statement cycle.

Dining Experience

Users can use an HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card to enjoy a discount of 20% on their dining bill. On linking the card with the Dine-Out Pay app, users can also get an extra 5% discount. This way, you can earn at least Rs.1000 discounts in one credit card billing cycle.

What Are The Charges And Fees For HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Cards?

All about HDFC Business Money Back Credit Card

To reap the benefits that come along with HDFC Business Moneyback Credit Card, candidates have to pay an initial joining charge of Rs.500 and additional GST. There is also an annual fee that is charged on the card which can be reversed if the spending of users exceeds the mark of Rs.50,000 in the previous year. In simpler words, if you can cross the spending limit of Rs.50,000 in a year, then you need not pay the renewal fees for the upcoming year. This business card comes with a monthly interest rate of 3.6%, and the late fees charged on the card are around Rs.1300, depending on the user’s outstanding amount.

What Is The HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card Limit?

If you want to know about the credit limit of the HDFC Business MoneyBack Card, then you need to ascertain your repayment capability and credit history that influences the credit card limit. In other words, your ITR & CIBIL score will determine the exact credit limit of your HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card. Generally, the HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card minimum limit is around Rs.25,000. HDFC Business MoneyBack credit card maximum limit is Rs.150,000.

What are the annual fees charged on HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card?

The annual fee charged on HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card is Rs.500. This fee can be waived if they spend an amount of Rs.50,000 in the preceding year. Besides these charges, HDFC Bank charges over-limit penalties, cash advance fees, balance transfer processing fees on its MoneyBack Credit Card.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria And Documentation Required For Availing of HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card?

All about HDFC Business Money Back Credit Card

Corporate cards, like any other general credit card, come with specific eligibility criteria that users must fulfill to get approval for the card. To apply for an HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card, users must fulfill minimum eligibility criteria and offer other necessary documentation. Self-employed individuals are eligible to apply for this business card provided their annual ITR is around INR 6,00,000, and they are in the age between 21 to 65 years. To avail of this HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card, candidates have to showcase the following documents 

  • Identity proof, pan card, Adhar card, voters ID card, driving license, passport, or other critical government-issued identity documents. 
  • Income proof, address proof, GST return, ITR, merchant payment reports, and bank statements. 

Once you submit the HDFC credit card application form, you can track your credit card status with the help of the application number.

Features Of HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card

1. Cash Back Offers

As the name suggests, the HDFC Business Moneyback Credit Card offers cashback of up to 5% of business expenses for telecom payments, cab service, hotels, electricity payments, dining, government tax, and railway spending. On a minimum monthly spend of Rs.10,000, the maximum cashback is capped at Rs.250 monthly.

2. Annual Fees Waiver

Candidates who spend around Rs.50,000 or higher in a membership year can benefit from a membership fee waiver on the annual fee of the following year.

3. Spend-based Advantages

Users who spend Rs.1.8 lakhs annually can earn around 2500 reward points every anniversary year. By making at least four transactions each of Rs.100 or above in a calendar month on your HDFC Money-Back Credit Card, you will be eligible to get complimentary accident insurance coverage and purchase protection against burglary or fire for items more than INR 5000 bought using this credit card.

4. Security

All about HDFC Business Money Back Credit Card

HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card is a chip-enabled card that users can quickly swipe at any non-chip POS or chip-enabled PO. This card facilitates contactless payments in a convenient, secure, and fast manner at retail outlets.

5. HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card Lounge Access

Presently HDFC Bank is not offering lounge access on its money-back credit card. The complimentary airport lounge access feature at domestic airports can be enjoyed through the MasterCard Lounge Access Program.

6. Gift Vouchers 

Users can receive gift vouchers worth every quarter worth Rs.500 if they spend Rs.50,000 using this card. They can also receive a gift voucher worth Rs.2000 annually.

How Can You Apply For The HDFC Business MoneyBack  Credit Card?

All about HDFC Business Money Back Credit Card

The HDFC business MoneyBack Credit Card is one of the best deals for businessmen, self-employed individuals, and small and medium enterprises since it includes no-cost EMI options where users can purchase furniture, make payments in bulk and do business transactions seamlessly. Users can apply for HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card in both offline and online options according to their convenience and choice. To apply for this business card offline, you must visit your local HDFC Bank branch along with your documentation and file your physical application form to apply for a card. If you’re applying for the card online, then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps

  • Visit the official website of HDFC Bank
  • Choose the cards option under the ‘Borrow’ section and then select ‘Credit Cards.’
  • Select the ‘HDFC Business Moneyback Credit Card’ option under the ‘Business Credit Card’ category
  • Next, click on the file now option and fill out the application form online.

How Can I Make My HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card Lifetime Free?

If you hold an HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card, there is good news. Cardholders can get the right opportunity to make their credit card lifetime accessible when they spend the milestone amount within a specific period. You can pay the joining fee and the requisite milestone amount in the anniversary year to make your HDFC credit card lifetime accessible. Eligible cardholders will receive gift vouchers that are equivalent to the amount of joining fees and also enjoy fee waiver benefits.


All about HDFC Business Money Back Credit Card

HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card is an incredible choice for business professionals since, using this card, they can earn great reward points. This card enables them to receive reward points on each business transaction the organization incurs on goods purchased online and fuel transactions. Moreover, a person can also exchange the reward points that they have received for cash back and use them further to pay for their bills. HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card provides them a 5% cash back offer on payments made for government and tax from utility and telecom by the business organization. Hence this card is helpful to individuals looking for reward points and cash back in business transactions.

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1. Will The Reward Points On Your HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card Expire?

Ans. Yes, the reward points are on HDFC. Business MoneyBack Credit Cards are valid for two years before expiration.

2. Can You Use HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card Anywhere Across The Globe?

Ans. Yes, users can transact using HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit cards from any place in the world, as it is a globally accepted bank credit card. You need to activate this card for making international transactions and setting a specific limit for it.

3. Can You Use The Cash Back On Your HDFC Business Moneyback Credit Card To Pay Your Bill?

Ans. The cashback the cardholder will pay to their card account is applied to the following statement.

4. What Is The Cost Of Redeeming Rewards On An HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card?

Ans. Users have to redeem their reward points to get items and gifts, and for this, they have to pay a cost of Rs.99 and taxes. While rewarding reward points for getting cash-back opportunities, there will be no redemption fees involved.

5. Can You Use An HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card For Making Personal Purchases?

Ans. Yes, HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card is used for making personal purchases. However, keep your work costs and personal costs separate to eliminate incurring a huge payment


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