15 best airline miles credit card India

15 best airline miles credit card India

15 best airline miles credit card India


Are you looking for the best credit card for flight booking? If yes, you need to look no further, as you can get all the details here. Airline miles credit card is basically a type of credit card that allows you to earn some reward points or miles for your card spending, which can then be redeemed for your air travel or related benefits. These cards are typically affiliated with different airlines or airline alliances, and the rewards you earn can be used towards booking your flights, upgrading your seats, or even accessing other travel perks. You can earn some miles or points based on your spending on the card with an airline miles credit card and sometimes on different categories also for

The accumulated miles can be redeemed for free or just discounted flights, airport lounge access, hotel stays, or other travel-related expenses.

Overview of airline miles 

Airline miles credit cards generally come with extra benefits like priority checks, priority boarding package allowance, travel insurance, and access to some of the airport lounges. Some cards might also offer welcome bonuses and companion tickets besides exclusive privileges with partner airlines.

You need to know that every airline miles credit card has its own specific features or reward programs. For you to compare different cards, understand your earning and redemption structures, annual fees, interest rates, and other relevant factors before you choose one.

Different features of airline miles credit card

Before you choose airline miles credit card in India, you need to consider the features available.

Miles points earning

15 best airline miles credit card India

When you choose the best credit card for domestic travel, you can earn some miles or points for every electrical purchase using the credit card. Typically you can earn more miles for airline ticket purchases and might earn a lower rate for other spending categories. 

Welcome bonus

Several airline miles credit cards offer a generous welcome bonus of miles or points whenever you meet some spending requirements within a specific time after opening the account.

Bonus spending categories

Some cards would offer fantastic earnings on specific spending categories like dining, hotel bookings, or even online shopping. This allows you to accumulate the miles quickly when you spend in those categories. 

Airline affiliation

While buying airline miles credit card, you need to check the airline affiliation as the affiliations will determine where you can redeem the miles, and it might provide extra benefits like priority boarding check-in or baggage allowances with the affiliated airlines.

Redemption options 

You can redeem your recommended miles or points for different travel-related benefits like free or discounted flights, seat upgrades, hotel stays, car rentals, and more. The redemption options and value of the miles would vary depending on the card and the airline partnerships you choose.

Travel Insurance

Some airlines’ miles credit cards provide travel insurance coverage like trip cancellation interruption insurance, lost baggage insurance, and travel accident insurance. The coverage would vary, so you need to review all the terms and conditions. 

 lounge access

Some airline Miles credit cards offer complimentary access to the airport lounges allowing you to enjoy all the amenities like comfortable setting refreshments, business facilities, and Wi-Fi.

Annual fee

Several airline miles Credit cards have an annual fee linked with them, and the fee covers the benefits and perks of the card, so it is essential to evaluate their rewards and features, and it should outweigh the cost.

Foreign transactions fees

some credit cards charge fees for transactions that are made in foreign currencies, and if you frequently travel internationally, then you need to consider if the card offers low or no foreign transaction fees.

How to get airline cards?

15 best airline miles credit card India

If you want to get the best credit card for travel and shopping, then you need to follow the tips given here.

Research airlines and credit card options

It would be best if you started by looking for different airlines and affiliated credit cards. You have to look for airlines that offer credit cards with attractive mile rewards and benefits that align with your travel preferences.

Compare the credit card features.

You need to compare the features of the different airlines by credit cards, like annual fees, interest rates earning rates, and reduction options, besides additional perks like lounge access or priority boarding. You need to choose a card that suits your needs and preferences.

Check the eligibility requirements.

You need to review the eligibility criteria for the credit card you are interested in, like credit score, income level, and the existing credit card accounts which might affect your eligibility. You need to ensure that you meet the requirements before you apply.

Apply online or in person

You have to apply for the credit card through the issuer’s website or in person at the bank branch. You need to follow the application instructions, provide the required personal and financial information, and submit the application.

Await approval

The credit card issuer will review your application and understand your creditworthiness. This process might take a few days or a few weeks. If approved, you will receive your card in the mail.

Activate your credit card.

Once you receive the credit card, you need to activate it As per the instructions given by the user. This includes calling a toll-free number or activating the card online.

 Monitor your account

15 best airline miles credit card India

You need to regularly check your credit card account to keep track of your mileage balance statement balances and any other promotional offers or bonuses opportunity. This will help you stay informed about the progress and also make the most of the benefits or rewards.

Some of the best airline miles credit card

1. Jet Airways American Express Platinum credit card

Jet Airways American Express freedom credit card makes traveling a unique experience for you as it offers 16 JP miles for every 150 rupees that you spend on booking your tickets using the Jet Airways website and 8 JP miles for every ₹150 that you use on other transactions. For the first year, you have to pay ₹5000 excluding taxes, and for the second year, you have to pay ₹10,000 excluding taxes.

You can avail of 10,000 bonus JP miles as a welcome gift and one-way free Jet Airways domestic ticket base fare wave whenever you use the card to make the payment. You can also get 15 free visits to domestic airport lounges in 12 Indian cities. At the same time, you can always be a percent cash back at selected fuel stations in India and a free night stay at participating Oberoi hotels and resorts. You can also avail of free or preferred elite tier membership from the preferred hotels.

2. Citi premier miles credit card

it is one of the best credit cards for airline miles in India, as it offers complementary air travel. It also offers air miles, which you can redeem the same for hotel bookings, car rentals, and flight bookings. It also provides you with free access to the selected airport lounges. Annually you have to pay ₹3000, and the fee would be waived for priority customers. The interest rate is anywhere between 37.2% per annum to 42% per annum.

On your first spend, you can get 10,000 miles, and to earn the miles, you have to spend ₹1000 within 60 days from the date of the issue. On renewal, you can expect 3000 miles, and the card also offers 10 miles for every ₹100 you spend at any of the online merchant partners of the bank. The card also offers 4 miles for every 100 rupees that you spend on other transactions, and the miles would never expire. You can transfer your miles to the bank’s airline and hotel partners, and you can receive one frequent flyer mile for every two miles transferred to Delta Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, India Airways, and Air India.

3. Sbi Air India signature credit card

15 best airline miles credit card India

if you are planning to get the 15 best airline miles credit cards in India for students, then the SBI Air India signature credit card is your best bet. One of the best parts about this part is that you can get complimentary priority pass program membership lost card liability, and balance transfer on the EMI facility. The annual charges and the renewal fees are the same, which is around 4999 rupees.

As a welcome gift, you can expect 20,000 reward points and 5000 reward points as a renewal gift. For every ₹100 that you spend, you can earn 20 reward points, and this is applicable to booking Air India flight tickets. For every ₹100 that you spend using the card, you can earn four reward points. It is straightforward for you to get add-on cards for your family members with this card.

4. SBI Air India platinum card

The airline credit card upgrades your travel experience to another level, and it has multiple features and benefits to offer, just as reward points, lost card liability cash anywhere. If you’re looking for a card on a budget, then you can go for the SBI Air India platinum card that features an annual and renewal fee of Rupees 1499. As a welcome gift, you can expect 5000 reward points and 2000 points as an arena while kept.

For every ₹100 that you spend on Air India flight tickets, you can earn ten reward points and two reward points on every ₹100 transactions that you spend using the card. 

5. Axis Bank my wings credit card.

One of the best travel credit cards in India is Access Bank, my bank credit card, which allows you to plan your travel smartly. You have to pay ₹1200 as joining fees, and there is no annual fee for the first year. From the second year, you need to pay ₹200.

Once you get this card, you can avail of two pace fares, 3 flight tickets, and a holiday and hotel voucher for 10,000, and you can also expect four points on every ₹200 that you spend using it. You can also enjoy complimentary access to selected airport lounges. The airline credit card also offers cashback on bus ticket bookings, flight ticket bookings, car rentals, and a lot more. At any fuel station in India, you can also avail of a fuel surcharge waiver when you use this card.

6. IndusInd bank Jet Airways voyage American Express credit card

15 best airline miles credit card India

 IndusInd Bank and Jet Airways have joined hands to make your travel more amazing through this card. You can expect unique features and benefits when you use it to make purchases. For every ₹100 that you spend using the card, you can earn 6 JP miles, and if you do it on weekends, then you can earn 8 JP miles. 

There are some entertainment options also available, like you can get free movie tickets and enjoy complimentary access to the airport lounges.

7. Standard Chartered Emirates World credit card

Are you looking for the best international travel credit card in India? If yes, then you need to look no further as the Standard Chartered Emirates worldwide card is your best bet as it offers multiple rewards, and you can also avail benefits on Emirates and other partner airlines.

The annual fee is just ₹3000, so you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. You can avail of 4000 Skywards miles when you enroll for this card and 4000 miles when you pay for the annual fee. The best part about using the credit card is that you can enjoy complimentary access to more than 30 domestic airport lounges and earn four Skywards miles on every rupee 150 that you spend within India and six Skywards miles on every ₹150 that you spend internationally. If you shop in any duty-free stores, then you can avail of 5% cash back and also enjoy some golf benefits like access to courses. 

8. HDFC regalia credit card

HDFC Regalia credit card is your best bet if you are looking forward to having the right travel credit card. You have to pay 2500 plus taxes as a joining fee. For everyone’s free rupees you spend with this card, you receive 400 reward points, and for every ₹5,00,000, you get 10,000 reward points and extra 5000 reward points for paying 8,00,000. With this card, you can expect membership in the dine-out passport. When you travel domestically, you can get 12 complimentary airport lounge access and six complementary airports lounge-abroad.

9. Axis Bank Vistara signature credit card

Access Bank Vistara signature credit card gives you a complimentary club Vistara silver card membership. With this card, you can buy complementary premium economic tickets, and you can also earn club Vistara points On eligible spends. You need to pay ₹3000 to get this card, and for every two ₹100 you spend, you can get 400 reward points. So it’s your perfect complimentary flight tickets credit card as it gives you some complimentary tickets.

Globally no matter where you are traveling, you can also get a complimentary lounge visit and get air accident coverage of around 2.5 crores. If you lose your travel documents or check-in baggage, then you can get$300.

10. Axis reserve credit card

15 best airline miles credit card India

Even though the card is a little expensive compared to other credit cards but it is worth it. You have to spend 20,000 to get the card, but you get a welcome gift of 50,000 reward points also. With every ₹200 you spend, you can earn 15 reward points besides golf offers. The best part about choosing this card is that you can get unlimited access to domestic and International Airport lounges. Every year you can expect four free luxury airport pickup and drop services.

11. Yes, preferred credit card

If you are on a budget and looking for a great credit card, then you need to look no further, as yes preferred credit card is your best bet. You just need to spend ₹999 to get this card. On spending 7.5 lakhs or more in a year, you can expect 20,000 bonus reward points and four complimentary airport lounge access annually. For every ₹200 that you spend, you can earn eight reward points. For Air Accidents and for emergency hospitalization, you can expect 1,00,00,000 and 25,00,000 for the latter.

12. HDFC Infinite credit card

HDFC Infinia credit card is a perfect credit card that helps you travel seamlessly. The joining fee is 12,500 plus taxes. For every ₹150 you spend, you can get five reward points and ten times reward points on flight and hotel booking, but that is available only when you book through smart buy. 

A complimentary priority pass membership will make it very easy for you to access at least 1000 airport lounges globally and four in India through the MasterCard lounge program. This card also offers ₹50,00,000 for medical emergencies.

13. SBI card elite 

Sbi card Elite is one of the most premium all-purpose cards that offers shopping, travel, and everything together, and this card also features free silver membership to Club Vistara. It means that when you have this card, you can get easy flight upgrades and other perks from Vistara Airlines and domestic lounge visits on your card also. On grocery dining and department store purchases, you can earn 5X reward points. For every ₹100 you spend on all purchases except fuel, you are one point. You can redeem a Yatra welcome voucher worth 5000 rupees, and the forex markup fee is 1.99%.

14. Yatra SBI card

15 best airline miles credit card India

There are some cards that are created in partnership with fantastic travel portals like yatra.com, and this is one of them. This card offers six excellent reward points for every ₹100 you spend at department stores, restaurants, or even entertainment venues. You can get 50,00,000 as complementary and accident coverage provided you are the primary care holder. You can get ₹1000 off domestic flight reservations with a purchase of 5000 INR, and for foreign flight reservations, you can get ₹4000 off if you make a purchase of 40,000 INR. 

15. InterMiles ICICI Bank Sapphiro credit card

This credit card has two options and is one for American Express and the other for a Visa. You can use this credit card to make reservations for flights and hotels with partner airlines and some hotel chains. The best part about using this card is that you can convert the reward points into inter miles while booking hotels and flights through the website. With the freedom dream folks membership, you can get domestic spa visits and unlimited access to domestic and international lounges. If you spent ₹5000 in the previous calendar quarter, you will receive two complimentary domestic lounge visits every quarter. 

Above all, these are some of the best credit cards that you can use to travel. But to get these credit cards, you need to align with the eligibility criteria, and you should be a citizen of India. No matter whether you are a salaried individual or self-employed, you can apply for credit cards easily. Furthermore, to make the application easy, ensure that you have a good credit score, as the idle credit score for the majority of banks and financial institutions is around 650. Above all, you must be in the age group of 21 years to 65 years. Lastly, to avail of the credit cards, you need to submit some documents like your identity proof and press proof, and income proof. 


1. What credit score do you need to get a travel credit card?

Ans. If you want to get a travel credit card, then you need to have a score of at least 670, and rewards cards usually are geared toward clients with excellent credit.

2. What is the significant difference between miles and points on a credit card?

Ans. Miles are basically the rewards that you earn from the airline credit cards, and it is linked with the loyalty program of the airline. At the same time, points are the reward unit for your hotel and general credit cards.

3. Is there any chance of the travel points or miles rewards to expire?

Ans. Credit card points and miles do not expire, provided your account is always working. But the expiry of your issues and miles will depend on the hotel loyalty program terms and conditions.


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